Alergia>Project bringing free treatment for allergy suffering residents of Caxias may reach as far as all of Rio de Janeiro and Amazon Rain Forest

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Project bringing free treatment for allergy suffering residents of Caxias may reach as far as all of Rio de Janeiro and Amazon Rain Forest

Dr. Marcello Bossois de Melo Ferreira MD - BRASIL




Project bringing free treatment for allergy suffering residents of Caxias   may  reach as far as all of Rio de Janeiro and  Amazon Rain Forest
C.A.L.M International, headquartered in Austin, Texas, and directed by Russell Roby, MD, has as its primary objective, to create interest in, and funding for, the scientific studies, to develop more effective and less costly therapies for the treatment of diseases, while promoting social work in the lower income communities.  CALM  is joined in this project by the scientific technical team of the University of Texas Department of Integrative Biology Laboratory, under the supervision of Richard Richardson.
In Brazil, CALM has entered into a joint venture agreement with the Association of Friends of Fluminense Park, and the International Vitamins Company, whose physicians will deliver the constant care necessary in the treatment of Allergy, to the population of the Municipal District of Caxias. Different tests  will be scheduled for each day of the week under the supervision of a clinical physician, who will determine whether the patient presents with allergy symptoms, and needs to be directed to a specialist.
It is worth referencing the data supplied by WHO, that 35% of the population of Brazil, suffers from some type of allergy, and very often, suffers from more than one. According to the Brazilian Specialist,  Bossois, MD, the most common types of allergy in the Fluminense Park Lowland area, are skin problems, caused by insect bites, respiratory problems caused by contacts with chemical products, provoked by dust, mites, and toxic gas emissions.
Bossois emphasizes that the poorest resident population of the Lowlands, especially, in Caxias, have not had access, until now, to sufficient healthcare action, to find solutions for a problem. It is, in his opinion, urgent, to create the conditions to support the proportioning of free treatment, which is both effective and efficient.  
"The CALM initiative, in conjunction with the Association of Fluminense Parque, is offering free treatment to those who suffer with allergy. We have come to eliminate the gap", adds Bossois.
                 Bossois also informs us, that the first phase of the initiative is destined for the city of Caxias. The objective of the next stage, will be to implement the same services in all of the municipalities of the Lowland, and Rio de Janeiro, reaching as far as the Amazon Forest. We must stress that the inhabitants of this region suffer form significant skin problems because of the bites of jungle mosquitos that can also lead to secondary diseases, such as rheumatic fever and kidney diseases.       
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